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Portable Lighting

When you need an easy solution for portable lighting, we have it!

Our Luminite Inflatable Towers are available in both 7 foot (2.5 meter) and 15 foot (5 meter) heights and can provide large areas with an impressive amount of ambient lighting that is easy on the eyes. These portable units are lightweight and can be set up in about three minutes by one person. With tie downs supplied, they can withstand winds of up to 70 km/h (44 mph) and can be used outdoors or indoors, depending on the project. Our Luminite Towers are extremely quiet (56 db at 10 feet), run on a standard 120 volt outlet (at 8.5 amps) and can efficiently light up large areas while maintaining a small footprint.

Where can I use it?
They are perfect for:
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Corporate and Special Events
  • Outdoor Night Parking Areas
  • Weddings, Parties and BBQs
  • Film and Television
  • Athletic Events and Tournaments
  • Warehouse Applications
  • Factory Applications
  • Construction Applications
  • Work Areas
  • Anywhere that you need to deliver portable lighting!

Need technical specifications?

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Can I see how the Luminites work?

Absolutely! Just watch the video below to see Luminites in action, in this case, in an emergency situation!

Call 1-855-563-7847 or contact us to rent or buy yours today!

Call 1-855-563-7847 or contact us for more information.