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Heating Rental

Direct-Fired Make-up Air Heating Units: These units are primarily used in the construction industry. They can heat large spaces, while distributing heat evenly with the aim of reducing temperature stratification. By using 100% fresh air, moisture is reduced and dust is not recycled into the air stream. Other features include:

  1.  Centrifugal blower
  2.  Proof of air flow before ignition
  3.  Modulating flame from 5% - 100% controlled via a discharge sensor
  4.  Low temperature shutdown
  For Specifications Select Here 500KBTU750KBTU1400KBTU2000KBTU4500KBTU

Electric Heating Units: These units produce clean heat with no contamination to the air. The 150 kW stand-alone units with 4,500 CFM are ideal for indoor space heating. Also available in 60, 90 and 150 kW, these electric heaters can be used as either Inline or Stand-alone heating units. The Inline Heater with our Desiccant Dehumidifiers can be found in the industrial and restoration industries.

  For Specifications Select Here 5KW9KW40KW40KW-Ductable60KW
150KW-Upright(480V)150KW-INLINE (600V)150KW-UPRIGHT (600V)

Indirect-Fired Heating Units:
With no additional moisture or harmful emissions introduced into the air stream, these heaters operate on diesel/heating oil. All units are single phase and can be used at Painting & Coatings, Petroleum, Chemical and Construction sites, as well as for any Special Events that require heating.
  For Specifications Select Here IDF400IDF600IDF700-CampoIDF700-ThermobileIDF1000
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