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Air Movers / Air Scrubbers

When you need air circulation or to ventilate a space, we have the solution for you!

L.M. Temperature has a variety of 115V air movers, both axial and turbo style that can be daisy chained together, to suit all your needs for either rental or purchase.

Axial Air Movers – click here for specs.

Viking Eco Cam Pro Air Mover- click here for specs.

Viking 2200EX Air Mover- click here for specs.

Need to filter the air? We rent portable air scrubbers that will get the job done. These portable units are versatile and contain both charcoal and Hepa filters to capture particulate matter.

Predator Portable Air Scrubbers- click here for specs.

Contact one of our Specialists to get assistance to determine the right products that will work for you!
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