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L.M. Toronto

As a Canadian leader in climate control and power equipment sales and rental, our experienced staff can tailor solutions to fit your needs. We can help you select the right solution from our state-of-the-art, specialized equipment, air conditioners, fans, chillers, cooling towers, portable freezers, portable lights, desiccant dehumidifiers, humidifiers, heaters, power generators, transformers and distribution.

Excellent service, reliable equipment and a qualified staff with years of experience is what has made us a Canadian leader in climate control and power equipment!

Ask us how we can help you on your next project! 

Call 1-855-563-7847 or contact us for more information.

Meet the The L.M. Toronto Team! 

Dustin Hubert - Rental Manager - Toronto

Dan Williams - Rental Specialist - Climate

Mike Proctor - Rental Specialist Power

Tom Marchewka - Rental Specialist - Strategic Accounts

Fernando Correia - Rental Coordinator

Sandra Coelho - Rental Administrator

Diane Gouge - Sales & Marketing Account Manager

Wendy Ferreira - Accounts Receivable Specialist

Jocelyn Salazar - Office Manager

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Call 1-855-563-7847 or contact us for more information.